Valentine’s Day Door Decoration: Create Hanging Hearts

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no sew fabric heart decorations

Select one and grab your paint. Paint the front heart red and leave the heart plain. Catch your pink paint and put dots when you’ve painted the whole front heart red. I used my finger to place the dots!

make hanging hearts

Let your painted heart dry for around ten minutes. Once it has dried (does not have to be completely dry), grab your back heart and line the borders of half of the heart with glue. Set the heart on the base heart making sure to line the borders along the adhesive up. Then start stuffing the side that’s glued together. Come to with the glue, as soon as you get that side filled and press edges together. So you can stuff the other half leave a little hole open.

After you’ve stuffed your heart, then seal up the rest spot along with your paste. End by copying a parcel of twin so that you can hand it!

home decor for valentine's day

Have you ever tried the suggestion of sexy gluing a filled fabric ribbon? Are you going to make hanging hearts to give an attempt? They’re fun and easy to make to do with your children. This Valentine’s Day doorway decoration is an enjoyable alternative to your wreath to the front door.