5 Best Home Improvements You Should Not DIY

You may be very handy around the home, but if it comes to these home improvement projects, it is best to leave this to a professional.

Home DIY can save you money (and provide you a excellent sense of achievement, if done correctly). Plus, you will find a great deal of resources online to lead you along. These guides work for simple jobs like shifting a dripping faucet, or repairing the watertight seal around your shower.

But in these situations, you’re better off finding recommendations to get a qualified service professional. Without proper training or expertise, some slips ups using such jobs could produce a costly repairs, or even worse, serious injury.

Let’s locate advocated professionals to estimate you for the following home repairs:

1. Electrical Function

Red or blue wire? What about the black wire? Does this link to the silver screw or the brass screw?

Not everyone is handy when it comes to electrical function, like installing or wiring electrical equipment. There’s no harm in not understanding. But you will be putting yourself in harm’s way if you attempt to DIY this one without proper instructions. Electrical work should be left to the professionals. They understand how to take care of wires and the way to insulate them so that they don’t cause any harm to you or your dwelling.

Measure: Adding pendant lighting or dining room dividers can call for extra wiring. Kiara Hill home by Turn Design Interior. Supply

2. Roof Function

For landed possessions in Malaysia, the most common roof problem is that the mystery leak. A leaky roof may be one of the most frustrating things to resolve, and one of the priciest if not solved correctly. A roof leak can also cause many different difficulties, like mold, decay, and water stains coming down the inside walls.

First of all, you will want specialised tools and equipment, which you’re unlikely to have. Second, you are going to need to have a lot of time. Pinpointing a flow may take several hours, as you grow up and warm water distinct parts of your roof and await the drip drip noise. Finally, let’s not forget that the possibility of falls. You could become severely injured if you fall out of the ladder or slip in the roof.

Above: roof tile replacement in Bandar Puncak Alam by SWBina. Supply

3. Pipes

Beyond changing faucets and replacing bathroom flushing methods, doing more complex plumbing jobs on your own may be bad information. You might think by doing your own plumbing you can save money, but  when it is something you have not done before, you might cause more damage than good. Poor plumbing can mess paint, damage electrical wiring, and — if you reside in an apartment or condominium — make a problem with the downstairs neighbor. Re-routing sewage pipes and extending hot water lines additionally have serious preparation and welding expertise, therefore calling an expert is a intelligent idea.

Above: Repositioning bathtub inlet and outlet by LNNS Structure. Supply

4. Tiling

Tiling is definitely a lot tougher than it looks. That’s why Malaysians always refer to the tiling professional as “si fu”. You can’t simply fix tiles onto your walls and floors and be done with that. You will need to be certain that they are flat, are cut absolutely, and waterproofed (particularly for bathroom   tiles). Mess up this, and it is going to charge you twice as much to repair.

Tiled bathroom layout by ICONFACTORY.

5. Wall Hacking

We have all been to IKEA and seen that hole in the kids bedroom area where they can crawl into the hallway. Looks like a cool concept, does not it? But hacking partitions will requires the expertise of a contractor that is structural, as well as serious equipment. In the event the wall only separates rooms it would be a lot easier to break. On the flip side, if it is a behind wall, then proper and cautious planning is necessary. Pipes and wiring is also hidden in walls. And should you knock down those, you could be in serious trouble.

Above: Split the walls to create an open concept kitchen in Dataran Prima by Meridien Interior Design. Supply

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