Free photo Rehabilitation Ruin Renovate Erfurt Renovation

Rehabilitation Ruin Renovate Erfurt Renovation

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How much does Interior Designer earn from a renovation project? – Vincent Interior Blog | Vincent Interior Blog

How much does Interior Designer earn from a renovation project?

Many homeowners might be wondering about how much does their Interior Designer earn from their renovation projects. I am going to provide you with some information about how the Interior Designer make their money and how it affects your decision making regarding your renovation.

How Interior Designers compute their quotation

Basically after getting all the requirements from the customers, the Interior Designer will usually list out all the job items and calculate the estimated cost of the materials and labour needed. The cost estimation will include those shown to the customers and those additional hidden cost. He will then add a certain percentage on top of the costs which are listed in the quotation. The usual percentage added by “normal” Interior Designers is between 20% to 30%. For some items, the percentage can go even higher in order to cover the hidden ones (for example 3D drawings, referral fee to property agent, etc). For really exceptional designers whose selling point is in unique design, they will charge a even higher percentage than “normal” Interior Designers. Some of them even add design fee because they have to crack their brains for many hours.  An example:

To supply labour and materials to build 5ft feature wall at living room with selected laminate. Cost: $1200. Selling price: $1500. (25% mark up)

How much does a Interior Designer earn from a project?

Selling price: $30,000 (25% mark up from cost)

If the Interior Designer is a employee, they will have to split the profit with the company. The usual practice is 50% each and lower profit sharing for junior designers.

Therefore, for a 6 weeks project, the employee typically earn $3,000 per $30,000 project.

The truth

The Interior Designer will have to be lucky in order to make the expected $3,000 using the example above. This is because there are many unexpected factors involved. Sometime due to miscalculation, unexpected events, non payment by customers  and bad decision making can add unexpected cost to the Interior Designer which will lower his profit or even losses.  Once a while, the cost happens to be lower than expected and the Interior Designer gets a higher profit.

Due to stiff competition, lower demand and limited spending power of most homeowners, some Interior Designers are even willing to do a renovation job for 15% margin. When the margin is too low, the Interior Designer is at the risk of not making any profit or even making losses.

Other income

There are referral fee for bath accessories, furnitures, curtains and other works. This may add up to few hundreds to a thousands depending on the amount (usually 5% to 15% of the amount purchased). This usually happens when the Interior Designer bring you to the shops that they recommended.

What does it means to you (as homeowners)

Why an interior designer is essential to renovate your office?

Why an interior designer is essential to renovate your office?

Some view workplace maintenance work as a dreadful chore, a few locations it an economic burden. However, the plain truth is that, for a commercial enterprise to develop, consistent office maintenance is essential and important to keep such boom. As opposed to treating it as a burden, office preservation paintings have to be considered as a signal of things to come. Really, office renovation in Singapore are worth celebrating due to the fact the want for refurbishing way your business has made enough progress to make the contemporary style and layout obsolete. Once you have got made the selection to begin refurbishing your office area, you may start considering designs and layouts. Despite decent finances, a professional recommendation can pass a protracted manner to create a whole new work space.

The ground of your workplace represents the most used commodity of the complete vicinity, so certainly it suffers from maximum wear and tears. Even the first-rate and most luxurious carpeting and tiling might collapse over positive durations. When it comes to maintenance works, it’s far certainly clever to update the carpets and tiles to make certain a fresher and livelier surroundings. Although it may cost a little a substantial outlay, changing the carpets is truly really worth it in the long run.

A clean spray of paint or a wall sticky label trade can brighten up your place of work. The surrounding walls can play a huge part in figuring out the ambiance of your office. An exchange of coloration is vital to follow changes in coloration developments. Exceptional components of the office may be painted with distinct issues relying on the relevance of the work. Adorning the partitions with art and decor also can make a large impact on typical ambiance.

Furnishings can get old easily and workplace furnishings is not the exception. Each day use can result in typical put on and tear of workplace fixtures. Fabric can get ripped and stained. Must your upkeep finances allow you to refurbish and update all of the fixtures with a new set, then you definitely must now not hesitate in getting a brand new look for your office. However in case you are in a tight price range, then a simple reupholstering of the material or mending of the furniture can come to a long manner in making a sizeable impact.

Your interior designer must also offer you with sound guidelines in your new office layout have to any adjustments be essential. There are countless methods to arrange workplace furniture and appliances to create a cozier working environment. Walls also can be installed a place to divide one of a kind areas for separate functions. By arranging booths and furnishings economically, you may doubtlessly store up on masses of unused area. Less space manner less coverage, which would not directly imply fewer protection fees. Unused areas may be closed off as storage or partitioned off quickly must the need to use it get up inside the destiny.

The goodinterior design is suggested to create a harmonic and cohesive working surroundings. It’s far vital to take observe that it does now not harm to pay more for a more professional maintenance company with a first-rate portfolio. Such groups generally have a worldwide reputation as they agree to ISO requirements. Those businesses are reliable and responsible in the sense that they use great materials for upkeep at an inexpensive rate. They could also provide you with useful advice on how to refurbish your workplace for the advantage of your business.

How to Choose the Best Interior Designer for Your Kitchen Renovation

Want to decorate your kitchen in a differently, elegant way? You need to hire a talented interior designer who can design your kitchen exactly the same way you want. There’s no point in picking novices for your kitchen renovation. You need to make sure the interior designer you’re about to hire has good reputation in the marketplace. Look for those who use the latest Kitchen Design Software. The following useful tips will definitely help you find and pick the right kitchen designer for your Kitchen Overhaul.

Determine your needs

You first need to determine what type of changes you want to make to your kitchen. For instance, you’re looking to replace your kitchen flooring and kitchen cabinets, you should look for the designers specializing in kitchen flooring and kitchen cabinetry.

Perform your due diligence

It includes doing your research both online and offline. When it comes to online investigation, you can use your social media profiles such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook to ask your follower or friends for their suggestions. Anyone who has already renovated their kitchen can better guide you. Whatever interior designer you pick, make sure he or she is fully capable of bringing you your desired results.

Check their credibility

If your interior designer doesn’t have a good reputation in the marketplace, consider picking another one, as there’s no lack of experienced designers. Checking their customers’ reviews is another way to spot the best designers serving your area. You should tell them why you’re hiring them and specifically what type of results you want to achieve.

Want to add your thoughts to this? Please don’t hesitate to offer your valuable feedback in the comment section below. We greatly appreciate your comments and always love hearing from our visitors.

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Home Improvements – Turn Winter Into The Perfect Time For Renovation

Heatbud | Home Improvements – Turn Winter Into The Perfect Time For Renovation

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Home Improvements

  • Trendy Women Tops That Will Help You To Improve

Turn Winter Into The Perfect Time For Renovation


During winter it is easy to only think about all the parties and guests coming to stay, along with the holiday food and general season of fun. We forget about things like home renovations because that is generally something most people do in summer because it can feel like that is the most practical choice. And it is a practical choice for external renovations, but internal renovations can be done anytime and winter is actually the perfect time to get them done because:

  • You can buy cheap materials that are being sold off ‘out of season’
  • You’re less likely to want to do anything outside because it is cold and dreary so you won’t feel you’re missing out when you do the internal renovations
  • You will feel your home isn’t as much of a project when summer comes around
  • You can spread the cost of renovations throughout the year
  • Labourers will be cheaper ‘out of season’

It makes a lot of sense, and gives you a lot more time throughout the year to complete those all important home improvements.

Prioritise Your Renovations

Now you know winter is a good time to renovate, it is time to prioritise your renovations so that you get the most important done first. Lets face it, winter is not a cheap time of year and there’s a lot of money to be spent which may well hinder your plans. It is a good time to separate what you need from what you want, putting your needs first. Some jobs will need doing ASAP whereas others can wait until summer. Quick fixes like re-tiling the bathroom with white porcelain tiles, or replacing a porcelain tile on the splashback in the kitchen could be easy cost effective renovations that you could get done. Alternatively you could plan one big internal renovation over winter like completely redoing the kitchen, but you must time it well with big occasions like Christmas otherwise you’ll resent your renovations when you’re forced to start cooking on a camping stove on Christmas morning.

Timing Is Key

As well as ensuring you have cooking equipment for the holidays, you also need to ensure renovations don’t cause other issues for you during this time of year. For example: anything that affects the heating or hot water will ensure a miserable few days or weeks without a hot bath or shower. You should also think about the mess that certain renovations could make across the house. You don’t want to put up beautiful decorations only to have workers shower the place in dust and debris.

As well as preserving your comfort, timing is important because it can actually enhance your wintertime experience. For example: imagine getting that spare room cleared out and decorated so you can have family come and stay over Christmas. Or how about getting the bathroom re-done and re-tiled so that you can enjoy deep hot baths on freezing winter nights. Timing really is key, and there are lots of benefits to getting your home renovated in the right way at the right time this winter.

Renovate This Winter For Year-Round Improvements

With the right timing and planning, your home will benefit from decorating and home improvements being made to it this winter. Remember, as long as it is practical to do so, your home is your own and any time is a good time to invest in how practical and beautiful it is for your family.

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Get to know interior designer Donald Nxumalo – Elle Decoration

Ahead of next week’s Design Joburg featuring Rooms on View, we chat to Joburg-based interior designer Donald Nxumalo of Donald Nxumalo Interior Design, about his feature within the CoLabs section of the show, presented in collaboration with Fired Earth Paint.

Donald Nxumalo is creating a boudoir space with bedroom and en-suite bathroom.

Donald’s previous work.

What are you planning for your CoLab at Design Joburg?

We love surprises! The utter joy on our clients faces when we hand over the keys to a completed project is priceless. For Design Joburg, we have the keys, so please come through and enjoy the surprise! We can say that our bedroom with en-suite bathroom space will be packed with a divine new offering from Donald Nxumalo Interior Design.

What theme are you working with and where did you draw inspiration from in creating your concept?

Our theme is centered around modern living in an intimate space. The inspiration was drawn from a number of our current projects where we have seen the creation of more personal spaces, naturally, resonates with our clients. From this foundation we’ve created a concept that will resonate with many different people, with something for everyone.

Donald Nxumalo Interiors’ feature stand at the 2017 show

What would you consider to be the highlight of your CoLab stand that would make visitors want to visit it?

Highlights will include latest innovations and heaps of personal touches. We approach all our projects asking, ‘Would I live in this space?’, and our stand is going to be just that… so aspiring that visitors will want to take it all home with them.

What do you see as the ultimate trend right now?

Bold colours are a trend for me. Not in their entirety, but as accents. As can be seen with our current installation of our Kramerville showroom, we have created a very calm palette, but with bold yellows and mustards as accents.

What do you consider to be the worst trend ever?

That’s a bit tricky to answer. I believe the moment that its trending, it must be working. I believe that trends become ‘bad’ trends because times change and either something that appears better than the last comes along or we find more efficient and stylish ways of doing things.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your interior/architectural style?

There’s no one place, person or source that I draw inspiration from. I have noticed that I am inspired when on the move, so brilliant ideas emerge from a place of dynamism and movement. What has been most inspiring is the rich diversity that we have in South Africa. We often look overseas for the next best thing, but when you look at the level of talent, passion and creativity right here in Africa, we really don’t need to look very far. We just need to harness it and take it to the hills!

Give us your one best piece of interior design or architectural advice.

Don’t be afraid of anything, the moment you think that your design sense is too much, just go ahead and do it.

What excites you about South African design?

South Africa’s diversity means we find inspiration from different backgrounds; both their similarities and differences are what makes it exciting. Africa is metaphorically borderless, so we’re lucky to draw inspiration from the rest of Africa too, adding a further dimension to our design language. The simple incorporation of some knitted detail into a couch design, for example, would resonate with Ndebele, Zulu and even with tribes in Kenya. Ultimately, the most exciting thing is design in Africa is still in its infancy, so we can expect much more from it in the future.

What would you like to see more of in the local design scene?

I’d like to see more local designers making use of local manufacturers and craftsmen. I believe that there is excellence in our nation, and we need to stop selling ourselves short. I believe it’s time we told our African story our way.

What are you coveting right now for your own home?

Weirdly enough a television. I’ve been reading so much that I don’t even own a television.

Tell us about your dream project.

My dream project would be The various South African High Commissions across the world.

Tell us a little more about what aspect of what you do that really excites you?

Seeing design dreams being realised through the eyes of my clients. It’s always amazing and really exciting seeing a concept come to life and exceeding the expectations of the client.

If you could meet any designer living or dead, who would it be and why?

At present it would be Nate Berkus. His approach to design resonates with me; it’s always very ‘human’ and client oriented. That is how we also do things in our studio.

Describe the key elements of the ultimate interior /home.

A comfortable couch, great lighting, a good rug and of course some beautiful scatter cushions to finish off the look. Other pieces that will make a space great, would be family portraits on the walls. We use floating mobile shelves that allow you to move them around and create a different mood.

What gadget, device, software or piece of IT equipment can you not live without? And you can’t pick your mobile phone!

That would be my laptop. I communicate a lot through email, and not much gets lost in translation because people, for the most part, write full sentences in email!

Design Joburg takes place at the Sandton Convention Centre, from 25-27 May 2018.