Bad Santa Fat-Shames 9-Year-Old, Who Cried Until He Went To Bed That Night

Meeting Santa Claus is something kids look forward to every year.

Whether it’s at the mall or at a special event in a small town, Santa is happy to greet kids and help them get excited about Christmas. Unfortunately, 9-year-old Anthony Mayse’s meeting with Mr. Claus was not the jolly time he expected.

After Anthony told Santa that he wanted an iPod Touch and a drone for Christmas, Santa suggested that he “lay off the hamburgers and French fries.”

Being fat-shamed by Santa left Anthony feeling so sad that he cried until he went to bed that night.

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A child’s health is between their parents and their doctor. Santa should stick to spreading holiday cheer and stop acting like the Grinch. Share this if you believe that this fat-shaming Santa belongs on the naughty list this year.

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