His Morning Turned Into A Bloody Mess When He Tried To Open The Front Door

Have you ever witnessed a freak accident? This Redditer almost lost his arm (and his life) in a bizarre and bloody accident, but thanks to his quick-thinking wife, the worst he was left with was a few gruesome photos and a gnarly scar.

A few years ago, I was party to a freak accident when a snowboard randomly fell off a rack on the wall and bashed my friend in the head. The next few minutes were filled with chaos, blood-soaked rags, and paramedics, but even that doesn’t come close to what Redditer bike_rack and his wife experienced.

Like bike_rack, my friend survived, but once you see these photos, you’ll realize just how serious his situation really was. Below is the story in his own words.

A word of warning, the images below are bloody. As bike_rack himself said, they might not be safe for work…or life.

“I was running out the door for work. I was too lazy to reach for the door handle, and pushed our storm door on the glass portion. The door was caught on the latch, and my arm went right through. I cut my bicep and brachialis muscles completely in half, along with basically every blood vessel besides the brachial artery.”

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This bed with built-in subwoofer, TV, lamp and power outlets may be your last purchase, ever

Furlencos new Pod might just be the most outrageous product hitting the market this holiday season.The Bangalore, India based furniture rental startup has always had a penchant for targeting the millennial subset, but this is something else entirely because as any 20-something knows, adding a bed to things makes them universally more practical.

The Pod includes a 32-inch mounted television, Bluetooth connectivity, 2:1 channel speakers with a serious subwoofer, an adjustable reading light, ports to charge your gear, a bookshelf and, for good measure, a bed.

The startups entire model is based on the premise that renting furniture is easier than buying it, especially when you live in an apartment and move frequently.So if you want to get your hands on one of these, youll need to come up with 2999Rupees per month, or roughly $44. The team is also selling a lower priced 2499 Rupee version ($37), but it lacks an included TV. Seriously though, whats a bed without a TV anyway? Lame.

Unfortunately, this is all assuming you live in Bangalore, Mumbai or Pune. The rest of us are out of luck for now.If it ever does make it to the States, Im calling for the end of the world as we know it. Beds are pretty much already the desks of the 21st century and the Pod is a natural extension of this.

It also presents a half-decent business opportunity for the upwardly mobile.Like the air-mattress-in-closet before it, your unethical Airbnb self kinda wants to putdividersaround a handfulof these bad boys and charge $2500+ a month, each.

Its all fine and good until the efficiency of the Pod starts to kill off your personal relationships. The five people sharing one in the video below would probably result in some sick, home-cooked, version of Survivor. Heck, wed all probably start forgetting to eat if we couldnt find some way to hack a Google Home to open thedoor for our friendly neighborhood Postmate.

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