Tent Hire For Wedding

Hiring marquees for weddings have always been popular in Britain for a very long time. This is mainly because of the fact that they cater for any number of guests and choose any place you would like to have your wedding. Here are the major benefits of wedding marquee hire north wales:

You are able to choose your venue
Hiring a marquee for your wedding gives you an opportunity to choose any location you would like to have your wedding. Therefore, you will not be limited as you would if you would have your wedding in a hotel or any other venue.

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With a marquee, all you need is a place to set up the marquee and you are done. So you could have your wedding in your garden, on the grounds of a fancy venue, a field in the middle of nowhere and so on. It’s up to you to decide.

Fewer restrictions on the number of guests
One of the best things about marquee hire for a wedding is that you get to decide the number of guests you would like to have as marquees are built to accommodate either a small number of guests or large crowds. Therefore, you will not be forced to reduce your guest list because marquees can accommodate any number of guests.

You can select a caterer of your choice
When you have a wedding in a particular venue such as a hotel, you will be forced to use the venue’s caterer. However, if you choose a marquee wedding you will not have to follow such restrictions as you can choose a caterer of your choice. Whether you want a casual buffet or a fancy five-course meal, it will be up to you to choose.

Helps you stick to your budget
Marquee hire weddings can help you stick to your budget mainly because of the fact that the flexibility it offers helps you keep the costs down. There are only a few essential elements and you can be able to choose the rest depending on what you can afford.

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You will not have to pay for the high venue costs and you will also save on things such as catering packages. A marquee can enable you to have the wedding you have always dreamt of without having to spend a lot.

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It enables you to take advantage of a view
Marquees will give you an opportunity to be within touching distance of your surroundings. Therefore, if there is a lovely view around, you and your guests will not miss out as marquees allow people to see the view all day.

Frame marquees may be the best choice if you want to take advantage of a particular view as they have clear roofs and clear window walls. This enables you to see the view inside the marquee.

Hiring a marquee for a wedding is beneficial in many ways and offers a lot of advantages over other alternatives. Just decide the venue and choose the kind of marquee that will suit your needs as astramarquees.co.uk have many options to choose from and you are good to go.