My Journey in an Interior Designer

My Journey in an Interior Designer to a Trek Leader — Krupa Vyas

It took a lot of efforts and aspire to get a 4-yr old me to wonder exactly what had been his old man up to.

Apparently, my dad was packing his rucksack, a massive fancy bag with clothing and theplas.

He had been excited and I had been crying watching him depart. A four-year-old toddler thought she was not going to visit with her “Pappa”.

My dad had one complete month in a year all to himself. I never knew that back.
Why he would devote a month in those Mountains. Wandering around Nature and coming all tanned with kilos that are lost.
But I always watched a grin in his center. Every time that he returned images and memories for me to see and wonder exactly what was beautiful and mystical about those dancing clouds and sunsets, those sunrises and their friends — MOUNTAINS !!!

I was around two years old when I finally managed to accompany him to the Amarnath pilgrimage he had been a regular in.
All packed and of never waking up for a fortnight to college and homework, the idea made me happy.
Who knew I would be jumping with pleasure slipping on the snow-clad mountains, all in amazement of them mighty pillars.

The pilgrimage was a memorable trip and I had a lovely time with my dad and accomplice.
I died to eat food. It taught me a thing or two about the privileges I had. Grateful.
It rained, it snowed and it was shining. Sometimes, the Mountains were standing tall and strong.

Years went through, I finished my formal schooling to become an interior Designer from one of the most reputed schools in India. Shortly after that until I go into the world and occupy a job, I realized that this is going to be the summer holiday of my life. I wished I went out for a months trip to the mountains and to go out explore areas, adopt some responsibilities, which was it. I had been in love with this life, different from the city and quite peaceful.

After returning, I moved on to work designing people’s dream houses and villas. I had been going through Life nicely. All this while I knew there was something. A emptiness to be stuffed. A bit of me was unaware of the Joy the thirteen-year-old me’d undergone.

Hammering my rucksack and departing to the mountains, wandering around in the hands of the mighty Himalayas is the thing I did after a year while growing up.
Like dad. Like girl.

Stands outside the windows, doing work that seemed irrelevant and not satisfying, I was lost in the crowd and following the herd.
I am blessed enough to a lot of folks who encourage me in my endeavors and efforts.

I did create a few houses and realized I needed to walk around with this familiar backpack in my shoulder and traveling around those powerful magnificent Mountains.


The 10 to seven landscape in work has become suffocating and I could feel myself becoming increasingly miserable. I knew I needed to do some thing and so I did ! I warrant my job, in which I was getting money and began towards my journey where I am earning happiness and a lot of peace of mind. I am happy spending some time in the villages, surviving and alive in the habitat, meeting new people, breathing in the fresh air, ingesting the non-toxicated organic food and researching the beauties of Nature.

I will be spending more time in those mountains, being the educated yes and me. I guess I have found my reason, season and lifetime — MOUNTAINS.

I don’t know where I will go next but I am sure it won’t be dull !!!

“Life is easy. You return and Never make decisions.

Sometimes, you want to take this leap of faith and follow your heart. “

Krupa Vyas

Trek Leader and Traveller