Best Vehicle Monitoring System

If you own a business that has many vans to maintain and drivers to monitor, the importance of professional fleet management software cannot be overstated. With the best software, you can receive live updates as to where all of your company’s vehicles are located as well as monitor driver behavior and fuel usage. Get more info about monitoring system in this article.

Route optimization is perhaps one of the best features of vehicle tracking systems. Multidrop drivers, for example, can enter all of the delivery addresses for the day into the system and within seconds receive an optimized route. Drivers can choose to optimize for speed, fuel efficiency, the avoidance of traffic and more.

From an employer perspective, fleet management software can be great for identifying inefficient workers who may need extra training or in extreme cases to be fired. The software can show you how long a driver’s vehicle spends idle each day and the exact route the vehicle followed on a map. If your company’s vehicles are not insured for private use by employees outside of business hours, good vehicle tracking systems can help you to catch any employees breaking the rules very easily.

The best GPS vehicle trackers can also collect data that can be used to analyze an employee’s driving style. Incidents of harsh accelerating and braking can be recorded. This data can be used to see if an employee is driving in a safe, fuel-efficient way or not. When employees know their driving is being monitored in real time and reported on monthly, they are more likely to drive in a way that saves a business money and reduces the possibility of a collision.

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Anyone that runs a delivery business knows that vehicle maintenance scheduling can be difficult. Fortunately, the best fleet management systems can automate all aspects of vehicle maintenance schedule. The systems track engine hours since last oil change, brake pad wear, mileage since last MOT, battery health and more. All of this data can be integrated with a vehicle maintenance firm’s systems and maintenance services can be automatically booked. Employees can then receive an alert on their smartphone as to when they need to take their vehicle to the service station.

There are now many different companies offering fleet management software solutions and GPS vehicle tracking. It’s important to take time to do your own research into the different solutions in the marketplace so that you can be sure you are buying fleet management software that will meet the needs of your business. There is no point paying for a sophisticated system that can track thousands of vehicles if you only need to monitor ten vans.

In the past, all types of vehicle tracking systems were very primitive and very expensive. Fortunately, prices have decreased significantly in recent years and technology has advanced beyond many people’s imagination. It is now possible to get access to some of the best fleet monitoring systems in the world for less than 25 per vehicle per month. What’s more, company offer scalable solutions, so you can seamlessly increase the number of vehicles monitored as your business grows.