Vanstone: Pats need home improvements

Robservations …

• No, Regina Pats fans were not performing The Wave Saturday night in the Brandt Centre. This was only the sight of people getting up to leave following the Lethbridge Hurricanes supposed a 6-2 lead in the next period. This was the final goal, and also the last straw, because the WHL’s Pats dropped for the fourth period to complete a five-game house stand.  

• At least it can be said that the Pats brought the fans out of their chairs.

• If main figures in major hockey leagues are actually committed to participant security, they can reevaluate severe sanctions against battling and start penalizing the ending of checks.

• Seriously, what is the purpose of completing a test? A participant who has relinquished the puck should not need to worry about being smashed into the boards per second or two later.

• and what’s the purpose of fighting? It’s purposeless. On Friday, by Way of Example, that the Pats’ Bryce Platt along with the Saskatoon Blades’ Evan Fiala rip-off. It was a fight for the sake of a fight — a needless spasm of pugilism that was then replayed about the Brandt Centre’s centre-ice scoreboard. Player security is such a clear priority that fighting is showcased through the in-house video system. The wrong message is being sent.

• Additionally from Friday’s game, the Pats’ Scott Mahovlich accidentally chased the puck into the stands and was given an automatic penalty for delay of game. Those calls drive me nuts — which, admittedly, is a brief trip. If a participant is clearly hoping to force a stoppage in play, then call a penalty. But if a puck is cleared over the Plexiglas at a fashion that is obviously accidental, exercise some common sense.

• Formerly in the game, the Blades’ Cameron Hebig was at a vulnerable situation when he had been checked into the boards. No call. But if a puck lands at the stands …

• And if there is evident cross-checking? No call then.

• How unique were the 2016-17 Pats? Their penalty-killing unit, including Adams Brooks and Austin Wagner, was more dangerous than many teams’ energy plays. On Saturday, by contrast, the Hurricanes were 4-for-7 about the power play with.

• I simply heard an ad for its All-Star Celebrity Classic — an old-timers sport that is to be played Feb. 17 at noticed mecca of baseball, Mosaic Stadium. The advertisement referred to “NHL Hall of Famers.” One issue: There is no such shrine. The intended reference is into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

• The Saskatchewan Roughriders have been in the marketplace for a quarterbacks coach now that Jarious Jackson has left Regina to become the B.C. Lions’ offensive co-ordinator and quarterbacks coach. Think about filling the vacancy with Kevin Glenn?

• following is a twist: Jesse James was robbed. The modern day James, a tight end with the Pittsburgh Steelers, must have been given a game-winning touchdown Sunday against the New England Patriots. The TD was overturned following video review. The Patriots ended up holding to get a 27-24 victory.

• CBS analyst Tony Romo may break a Cleveland Browns game and make it interesting.

• Pleasant Folks who have a plug Jasper Nye, Doug Jones, Jake Gagnon, Les Lazaruk, Jack Brodsky, Rick Brodsky, Ashley Howard, Larry Kielo, Brent Parker, Brian Utley, Colby Whyte, Holly Armstrong, Maureen Baker and Caelan Armstrong.